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Super strona.
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Incredible photos !
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interesting site
Fanatstic site.
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An outstanding variety of amazing photos, including some of the best waterfall photos I have seen anywhere. Keep up the excellent work.
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Kopperhead Compositions Inc.
101912 1929 EST

There are new happenings on the "pix.kopperhead.com" photo web site!

We've added an "All New!" gallery and it will appear when you choose "Recently Added" in the "My Photographs" button at the top of our home page. It also appears first in the Gallery and Collections thumbnails at the bottom of the home page and through the "All My Photos" link within that same button. "All New!" will help you quickly find our newest photographs. As we upload new photos, we will slowly cull the older ones from this gallery, but they will be available within the appropriate collections and galleries from the time they are added to the site.

To introduce this new gallery, we have include our first Fall Colors photos of 2012. These were taken in or adjacent to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in northern central Ohio, and we think you'll really enjoy their great detail and color. We've also included a few sunset and lighthouse photos from this summer for you.

We look forward to hearing from you about the "All New !" gallery and also what you think of the new photos!

Lee R. Kopp, President
Kopperhead Compositions Inc.
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